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A plethora of organizations, western governments and individuals are pursuing the agenda of Balkanization of our country. They belong to different hues of ideologies but have joined hands to fulfil this task of dismantling the unity and integrity of Bharat, which has been christened as India. Before you read this post, it will be a better idea if you go through the post Inquisition comes knocking, again. This is in continuation to the discussion about the kind of persons behind the divisive 'prevention of communal and targeted violence bill'. We have already discussed John Dayal, Ram Puniyani, Hosbet Suresh, Kamal Farooqui, and Teesta Setalvad. In this post we will talk about Harsh Mander, who is the convener of the drafting committee of the bill as well as the advisory group of the bill. Going by the number of working groups, in which he is a member, it can be safely concluded that he is the favorite of Anotonia alias Sonia. He is also a master of deciet, as we will find out.


In 2002, when Gujarat riots were still hot news, an editorial appeared in 'The Tribune' on 21 April. The editorial was dedicated to one man, Harsh Mander. The opening lines will give you the gist of the editorial:
THIS is the story of an IAS officer who has resigned in the wake of a systematic slaughter of innocents in Gujarat. Officers of the type of Harsh Mander are rare who, pricked by conscience, can quit the coveted IAS.
So, we are talking of a man who is so sensitive that he quit the IAS. So grave were the 'atrocities' on minorities that he could not withstand them.
Well, he must be a gem of a person. The Tribune is not the only newspaper who went ga ga over this 'sensitive' officer and nor is this adulation restricted to 2002. Before proceeding, look at the following snatches:
Harsh Mander, a senior IAS officer, had resigned from the powerful Indian Administrative Service as a protest against the failure of government authorities during and after Gujarat pogrom in 2002.
former bureaucrat Harsh Mander resigned in March in the wake of the Gujarat riots.
 Harsh Mander quit the Gujarat administration unable to bear the callousness with which it handled the annihilation of a minority community.
Shri. Harsh Mander, the I.A.S. officer in Gujarat who resigned in protest against the attitude of the administration in dealing with the recent communal riots, has been selected for the prestigious M.A. Thomas National Human Rights Award for the year 2002. (pucl link) and (link)
It was his grief against the bureaucracy's need to be partisan that he resigned in 2002. (link)
So, you see, even in 2010, he is being talked about in the same glorious terms. And why not! Such souls are rare.

But there is one small problem. 

Our friend did not resign, he took voluntary retirement. 

When someone resigns, he/she loses pension as well as the post retirement benefits and goodies like free medical treatment etc. which make government service such an attractive proposition in our country. It is precisely for this reason, an aura of sacrifice was created around our friend by the media.
It needed another former IAS officer to take on the canard created by some English newspapers. Krishen Kak, complained to the Press Council of India about the unethical reporting and content in 'Times of India' in the case titled 'Dr Krishen Kak Vs. Times of India'.
Subsequently, the Press Council of India found this sickularist guilty of spreading false rumours about alleged Hindu atrocities in his column 'Hindustan Hamara' dated 20/03/2002. The decision was pronounced on 30/06/2003 vide decision reference 14/106/02-03. 
Not surprisingly, most of the media, print and electronic, just ignored this indictment. That is the standard practice of secularists. They just shut their eyes to what does not suit their agenda. Now, where is the place for such liars?
Of course in the NAC. 

Here is a Q and its Answer by the humanitarian (The Hindu, 12/08/2002)
You did resign on moral grounds. Many say this is to occupy the moral high ground.
Yes, I did resign on moral grounds. I think if anyone uses such a huge human tragedy and injustice to forward a personal agenda, it is being extremely cynical. I hope that is not true. 
Look at the irony in his words. Let me reproduce them: if anyone uses such a huge human tragedy and injustice to forward a personal agenda, it is being extremely cynical. I hope that is not true. It sounds like a perverted form of the saying - 'apne munh miya mithu'.

Well, Well. The guy sure was talking about himself. He used the human tragedy to 'forward a personal agenda'.
This man gains popularity by speaking lies through his teeth about having resigned. Then he lies about Hindu atrocities being perpetrated on 'peace loving Muslims'. 
Anything else.
Oh Yes! He was (to borrow his own terminology) forwarding a personal agenda. 
And what was the personal agenda?
The agenda was four fold; one - to continue in a job which would pay a handsome salary at par with an MNC, two - get all the retirement benefits of IAS job, three - get national and international fame and four - be in the good books of Antonia.
Like most of the members of NAC, he also has foreign connections. Of course, with those organizations, which have a Semitic religious agenda. 
As an IAS officer, he had been given the posting of country head in UK based charity organization called ActionAid. This organization was being investigated for a 'communal agenda' (conversions to Christianity?). The year was 1999.The state was Chhatisgarh. The Chief Minister was Ajit Jogi, who, we now know, is a christian.
As soon as Mander joined, he used the state machinery to the hilt and ensured that the investigation against ActionAid was dropped. Not only that, the Ajit Jogi led Congress government of the day gave three crore rupees to Actionaid. The UK government gave rupees 1.5 crore to ActionAid. 
Now, wait a minute. Why is UK government giving money to a charity organization working in Chhattisgarh?
Silly me. There are so many tribal Hindus, whose souls, in words of the pope, are to be harvested.
In his numerous interviews to the media, Mander has admitted that only Muslim rehabilitation is the agenda of ActionAid. That fits into the Semitic agenda but the Hindus killed in Godhra by fanatic Muslim mob are not worthy of care or aid. 
Therefore, in line with the agenda of USA and UK, along with Islamic organizations, the 'prevention of communal violence and targeted violence bill' has been drafted. Not surprisingly, Hindus will not be considered victims of communal violence according to this bill, even if they are killed, robbed, humiliated, burnt to death (as in Godhra) or even gang raped. 
The pieces are fitting into the puzzle.
For more duplicity of this Mander and Actionaid, one can read here.
After the so called 'resignation', our man joined Actionaid which offered him a lucrative salary partially paid in pound sterling. So much for 'social service'.
The rules of Goverment of India, stipulate that a retired person should seek official permission to be employed by some other organization within two years of retirement. The rule is to ensure that corrupt employee should not be able to arrange post retirement employment by misusing his official position. 
Then how did our 'upright' officer manage to do the trick?
Well, this guy is really brainy. He has contended that he is working for a 'charity' organization, which is not same as commercial employment. See. How easy!
Such gems must be awarded. Hence he has been awarded Rajiv Sadbhavna award. Along with an equally 'truthful' Teesta Setalvad. In the adjoining pic, one can see Antonia, Teesta, Justice Ahmadi and Harsh Mander (extreme right). The picture is very special. It showcases the choice of Antonia, as far as integrity is concerned, apart from Teesta, whom we have discussed elsewhere and Harsh Mander, whom we have seen here, visible in the picture is Justice Ahmadi. The justice Ahmadi is the one who had released the shares of Union Carbide who was responsible for overnight death of more then 20,000 of our countrymen. It is an old news so most of us do not know that this 'justice' let the Union Carbide off the hook. The company who was directed to set up a hospital for the treatment of Bhopal gas tragedy did not fail to reciprocate the largesse. This 'justice' has been made the trusty of the hospital. It seems very innocuous. Doesn't it? The twist is that the hospital does not treat the victims of the tragedy but is a center for 'cardiovascular' diseases. Lucrative business in the name of 'social justice'.
Harsh Mander, who resigned from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 2002 after the Gujarat riots are doing the rounds for appointment as members of the revived National Advisory Council (NAC) headed by Sonia Gandhi.

So, this 'you scratch my back, I scratch yours' is the culture being propagated by Antonia. Harsh Mander started the cacaphony of 'Hindu terror', he was gifted with Sadbhavna award. That encouraged our 'secular intellectual pimp' to keep on with Hindu bashing and Modi bashing.
That is how the story goes. 

Time for some time travel. What kind of torture would he like to inflict on Hindus?
I don't know. The 'fathers' were very scientific in terms of torture. Here is one of the older ones and most commonly used methods of torture which the Church, Pope and 'fathers' really liked.


The above arrangement is pretty simple. The 'heretic', who would now mean Hindu was immobilized by putting his/her hands through the two holes visible on one side and the feet were fastened to the chain visible at the other end of the arrangement. The back was supported by the narrow vertical plank visible. Thus the entire weight was on the plank which pushed into the spinal cord of the poor heretic.

As seen in the above picture, one of the Inquisitors, a picture of mercy, would pinch the nose of the 'heretic', cutting off the supply of oxygen so that he/she has to open his/her mouth. Then these gentle souls poured water (although some references say even urine and diarrhea) into the open mouth. This resulted in the agonizing feeling of drowning as the hapless person gasped for breath. The head was kept a little below the level of stomach, which resulted in the weight being on the spinal cord and as the stomach started filling up, it exerted more force on the supporting plank.

According to different accounts, the stomach of the victim either ruptured or distended. In some cases, the spinal cord snapped due to the weight on the spine. Then some accounts talk of beating the swollen stomach with mallets (I request the readers if they can confirm it).

Will Hindus be subjected to these tortures once again? The signals are ominous.

 The manual of Regulations provides that ordinarily the torture of pulleys should be adminstered but where the physican or surgeon feels that on account of weakness or indisposition the accused could not stand it, "the torture of potro" i.e. water torture may be given. It lays down that women should never be given the "torture of potro".
But, not surprisingly, there are recorded incidents of women being subjected to this dreadful torture.
Think about it.

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